What’s New at the Academy Feb 9, 2012

What’s New at the Academy    Feb 9, 2012

What’s New at the Academy Feb 9, 2012

The last few weeks here at the academy have been busy to say the least. On the 5th we held our annual Superbowl party. We had a blast, the lounge was busy, the food was absolutely delicious, and tensions were high as fans cheered for their team of choice.

League play on the Virtual Golf Simulators has been great, the teams have been having a blast. Last week they were playing Torrey Pines and this week they are enjoying Pebble Beach which is perhaps the most famous golf course in the tour today.

Some of you may have noticed that the registration for our Spring and Summer Junior Golf and Junior Golf and Hockey camps has now opened up. We highly encourage you to register soon as our camps tend to fill up. The kids have a lot of fun and we’ve received a staggering amount of positive feed back on them. We have actually expanded the program each year for the last three years to accommodate the huge demand for spots in our camps.

We have also made a new addition to our website. There is now a page for the availability of our driving range. Every week we will have an updated version of the schedule up and it will list any Driving range closures and periods when the availability will be limited. Make sure you check the page regularly as we have schools coming in every day during the week so the availability of the range will change accordingly.

Last but not least we now have High-Definition cable television on all of the flatscreen TV’s in our Virtual Golf area and have a new area in the lounge with private seating, surround sound and a High-definition flatscreen that is available for private bookings.

Hope to see you in the shop!

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