Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Hi Katrina,

I wanted to share that I have experienced some noticeable progress since our last lesson.  I have spent a fair bit of time at the range as well as playing games during the past 10 days’ time.  My swing (with a better rotation and follow through) is finally working.  It is helping me control my shots and I am definitely hitting the ball farther with very few slices or miss hits.  Also, the tips on chipping have given me more consistency.  I had been struggling to get below 50 on nine holes or 100 on 18.  The past half-dozen rounds since we last me have been really positive.  During the last week I have been able to socre in mid 40’s or lower on nine holes.  Yesterday I shot a 43 and 48 at Cougar Creek – should have been below 90 but misjudged my distance on a couple of shots over water (even though I struck the ball well) and thus lost some strokes.  Otherwise my game has improved.  It has been a lot of fun to finally feel the progress – hoping I can sustain this.

I just wanted to share the SMILE this improvement has brought.  I appreciate the patience and coaching you have provided to help me make changes.  I am keeping positive and looking forward to playing more over the coming weeks.  Hope to build confidence with the improved swing.  If I can consistently get my game to the mid to upper 80 range by summer’s end I would be on a cloud 9.

 A big THANK YOU!   Have a great evening.

 Al Raczynski



This season my handicap went from a 13 to a 7 – all, thanks to your help!  You’ve helped me gain a better performing golf swing, and my short game has never been better.  I look forward to continued progress!


Brian Vickery


Blair and Team,

Tonight you hosted our wedding reception and my daughters birthday party
dinner. I wanted to thank you and your team for an amazing experience. The
decorations were awesome, the food was awesome, and the service was awesome!
Your team delivered beyond expectations and made an important evening very
special! Your team knows how to make everyone feel welcome and my family
appreciates all the hard work. Blair Oko Golf academy will always be at the
top of the list for options to dine out in Edmonton!

Thank you for everything,

Trevor and Kyra Webb


I have been a hockey coach for a long time and have always had problems teaching kids the proper stride. You can explain everything to kids and they think they are doing it right, but they aren’t.  My grandson just could not get it, until he saw himself in the mirror while working on his stride on the Blade Skating Treadmill.  Not only was he able to correct his stride, he gained much needed leg strength and balance. Blair Oko and Brian Shackel did an outstanding job.

Bob de la Salle
NCCP Level  V Hockey Coach
Canadian Amateur Hockey Association (Hockey Canada)


I would like to thank you and your team for all you did to make the Pals Geomatics Second Annual Indoor Golf Tournament a great success. I got a lot of compliments from the guys on how much fun everyone had. When we started this last year we thought it would be a great break for everyone to get together for an afternoon in a fun and controlled environment and do a little socializing and industry networking. This concept worked out to a TEE..  The new machines and driving mats are excellent not to mention the great food and of course the beverages.  Sixteen people was very comfortable but there is probably room for another 4 to make it 5 per machine. All of this and for a great price. You can’t beat it.

Again thanks and we’ll see you next year same time.

John Boudreau: Pals Geomatics


Playing in the Virtual Golf Men’s League this winter has been a lot of fun. I look forward each week to getting together with the guys. We always have a great time golfing and love having the opportunity to have fun and talk with one another. The virtual simulators are well set up and provide the perfect environment for all of us to talk even with the other teams and enjoy the night as a group. The Shop staff and servers always make sure we’re well looked after as well.

Always a great time at the BOGA!

Ken Dobson


My experience at the Blair Oko Golf Academy has always been phenomenal. The staff are always positive and they always do their best to accommodate us in any way they can. As a member of the Virtual Golf Mixed League I cannot give enough praise. The new Full Swing Golf simulators they have are incredible. The graphics are amazing, and the accuracy is spot on. I have never been on another system that could compare. The new hitting mats on the driving range are also a bit plus. My wife and I always enjoy ourselves on our night out. We can socialize while we play golf and the new menu is fantastic.  After the Virtual Golf League finishes it’s great jumping into the summer golf season without missing a beat. We’ve noticed our swing and form stay in great shape over the winter and have even improved some. When we get out onto the course in the summer we feel comfortable and relaxed and are ready to play our best game.

Brain Patterson