March Update from the Academy

March Update from the Academy March 5, 2012

Greetings from the Academy! March is upon us and the summer golf season is one step closer. The sporadic warm days have  teased us with thoughts of green fairways and left our palms itching to grasp our clubs once again. Traffic on the range has been up and the virtual golf simulators have been popular with everyone.

Grab your friends and treat yourselves to a game of golf on one of our 41 tour courses and play at your own pace, enjoying the company of friends and comfortable atmosphere and enjoy full service from our lounge and some of the fantastic food off our restaurant menu. Better still you don’t even have to leave the game as our servers will bring it all to you. A great little escape from the humdrum of everyday life and to scratch that golfing itch.

Speaking of the impending summer season, for those of you looking to get ahead of the game this year we encourage you to consider taking lessons with one of our Pros. We cannot stress enough how much of a difference getting an early start with lessons can make a positive difference to your golf game. It can help prevent injuries by getting your muscles and body fit to play once more and is the best way to shake off the bad habits that set in over the long winter.

We have recently also been lucky enough to be the chosen location of a number of birthday parties, corporate bookings and a few other private functions. In particular we would like to extend a huge thanks out to CN Rail who chose to host their staff party with us. They came in as a team for a Golf lesson with Blair, a Class A CPGA Pro, and then spent the rest of the night playing virtual golf, visiting and enjoying a buffet. We had a huge amount of fun running the event for them and are proud to say the event a complete success! Check up on our site some time soon to see some snapshots of the fun had at our events and bookings. For those of you who are or know someone who is looking for a location to host an event check us out, we would love to have you celebrate with us and will accomodate you in any way we can. Playing sports as a group is always a great way to grow closer as friends, team build and most importantly have fun!

Last but not least, for you hockey fans out there, we are now selling a line of NHL golf bags and golf equipment. Represent your favorite team on the course!

Cheers and Happy Golfing!


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