Golf Development Programs

Golf development Programs

Take your golf game to a new level with one of our value-priced development programs.


Silver 8 Package – $760.00

  • Add second student – $299.00
  • Add a third student $99


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This program is designed to cover all aspects of the game, from learning the full swing theory with the irons and a tee ball (driving) to putting, chipping and pitching. This program is great for beginners or for that golfer that needs to improve on his or her skills.

Gold 12 Package – $1020.00

Add second student – $499.00
  • Add third student – $199


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Similar to the Silver 8 Package but more in depth with all aspects of the game. This program could be used all season long or completed in 12 weeks.

Platinum 16 Package – $1299.00

Add second student – $799.00
  • Add third student – $399


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A very popular program for the golfer who is willing to work all year round and dramatically improve and understand all aspects of their game. You will not only learn to improve your swing and full game but also understand ball flight, why the ball does what it does, learn to develop a pre shot routine and understand the benefits of having a pre shot. We will cover the importance of having a strong mental game and how to prepare for it.

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