Check out the link below! Our Virtual Golf Simulators were rated #1 in Golf Digest!  We’ve always known that we have the best simulators in town, but thanks, Golf Digest, for confirming this!





Purchase 5 private golf lessons, at $525 + GST, and bring your family members in for FREE! We’ll teach them, as well, as you, of course, during your lesson at no additional charge!  We’ll also include a bucket punch pass ($60 + GST value) and a round of virtual golf on our state-of-the-art Full Swing virtual golf simulators! ($120 + GST value) Make sure when you call to book your lesson, to tell the person booking your time that you would like to use the ‘Family Spring Special.’  To book, call 780.496.9534.  We look forward to teaching you and your family!


From now, until September 30th, it’s just $20 per hour for golf on our state-of-the-art Full Swing Virtual Simulators!  Call the golf shop at 780.496.9534 to book your tee time!

Our *always-popular* Adult Beginner Golf Classes begin Monday, June 13th, Tuesday, June 14th, and Wednesday, June 15th!  These classes consist of four classes designed to build a proper golf swing.  They will run consecutively for one month.  They will be held at the same time each week, 7pm-8pm.  The fee per class is $99.00 + GST.  Sign up today by calling the golf shop at 780.496.9534.  Space is limited, so be sure to sign up right away!


We will also be hosting our *always-popular* Adult Short Game School on Thursdays, starting June 16th!  These classes consist of four classes designed to build a dynamic short game (chipping, pitching, putting.)  They will run consecutively for one month.  They will be held at the same time each week, 7pm-8pm.  The fee per class is $99.00 + GST.  Sign up today by calling the golf shop at 780.496.9534.  Space is limited, so be sure to sign up right away!


NEW FOR 2016! Our GIRLS ONLY Golf & Hockey Camp!








Hear, first-hand, from our loyal customers as to why The Blair Oko Golf Academy is the number one destination in Edmonton for golf instruction, virtual golf, an indoor driving range, and corporate and special events!

My salesmen and I held a team building event at The Blair Oko Golf Academy in October and it was a great success.

The event involved lessons for everyone, an afternoon of virtual golf, along with some great refreshments.

 Blair and Katrina kept things light, informative, and at times quite humorous. The golf instruction was excellent, we had a great time, and most importantly we bonded as a group.

 I highly recommend this experience for you and your teams.

Thank you very much Blair and Katrina!!!

John Barnes, P.Eng.

Regional Sales Manager,

Western Canada


The Blair Oko Golf Academy is excited to annouce that we will be launching our new Internet Lesson Video Swing Analysis feature!

This option allows golfers to receive swing analysis via the worldwide web. If you are curious about what’s going on with your golf swing, but don’t have the time to make it in to the Academy, or your location is not in close proximity to us, just simply provide us with a clear video of your golf swing. You don’t have to hit a golf ball in the house or anything dangerous like that, but please make sure your video shows you swinging your golf club with plenty of light in the background. Once you have made your video, just submit the video link via e-mail to us. This function works best on smart phones, iPads, etc.

The cost for Internet Lesson Video Swing Analysis is: $39.99 + GST. The turn-a-round time is 48 hours. Please e-mail all videos to blairoko@shaw.ca.


Got a quick golf question for us? ‘Quick Tips’ are only $9.99 + GST. We can provide you with professional advice for any golf issue on your mind.




We have a new payment option that allows our students to pay conveniently and securely. Just click on the PayPal logo and it will take you directly to the payment checkout page. Just be sure to include your name, a phone number where we can reach you at, and an e-mail address to send your video and swing analysis in the message options on PayPal’s payment site.

The Blair Oko Golf Academy creates a true “club” experience designed for an Edmonton climate. Our indoor golf training, virtual golf simulators, power skating treadmill and expert instruction will help you master your golf or hockey skills. Duffer, grinder or aspiring pro, come and cultivate a well-rounded game in a friendly social atmosphere.


If you don’t have a great set-up and good posture when you address the ball, you can’t expect to hit a great shot.  Over time, we get put into ‘auto-pilot’ mode when we set up to the ball, and start to rely too heavily on habit and routine.  It is important to take a few extra seconds, while out on the golf course, to focus on how you’re set up to the ball, if your posture is correct, and if your weight distribution from front to back is set properly.  Proper set-up to the ball, and good posture will certainly enable you to hit a better shot!

Winter Golf Tune-Ups:  Now’s the time to fix what went wrong this summer; let us help you build a plan to get that golf swing into shape!  Lessons are year-round at the Blair Oko Golf Academy.  Call us at 780.496.9534 to book in your lesson, and look forward to lower golf scores come spring time!

Work with PGA Class A Professional (TCCP Certified) Coaches!

Blair Oko is one of the most successful golfers ever to come out of Alberta, with 15 professional wins and berths on the ’93 Spalding Space Coast Tour, the ’92 and ’94 Canadian Open Alberta Tour. Now, with the Blair Oko Golf Academy, he’s helping other golfers reach their potential. Blair has been a Class A CPGA professional golf instructor since 1990.  To book your lesson with Blair, please call the golf shop at 780.496.9534.

Katrina Kelly is an American golf Professional with almost two decades of teaching experience.  She moved up here from Orlando, Florida, and Chicago, Illinois, where she taught out of one of the top golf academies in the U.S.  She has taught golf in five different countries, and now teaches full-time in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  She played collegiate golf for the Division 1 Western Kentucky University Lady Hilltoppers, and played professionally for many years on the Hawaiian and Floridian tours.  Her training and focus is in biomechanics and kinesiology in the golf swing.  She has had great success coaching high-level golfers of all ages throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as beginning golfers looking to start their golf journey.  To book your lesson with Katrina, please call the golf shop at 780.496.9534 or email her directly at katrinalpga@yahoo.com.


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